Our why.
No big words.

An idea that revealed itself when no one was looking for it.

Why give back?

Giving has always been an integral part of our values.

Ever since we emerged as a tech company in Transylvania, we have been paying equal attention to building impactful digital products, as well as developing our surrounding communities with actions that go far beyond any technology innovation. Like empathy and commitment.

We knew that for technology to make an impact, we first must address the more important issues. To put things in perspective, we could not just gift the kids in the rural areas with laptops and tablets if they did not have any electricity, heat or even food.

We wanted to help others in need.

No calendar, no procedures, and no corporate silo to pass on budgets for simply doing good. Because it is not like when you want to help someone, you first must assess your intention. It is more like an impulse, a hunch that you often just follow.

Why branded items?

It is not unusual for companies to gift their people with branded items for various occasions. You know those T-shirts that you receive as care packages end up being pajamas?

Well, we hoped that was not going to be the case with our rebel merch. Which is why we wanted to make it a bit more stylish, more desirable, the kind of hoodie or T-shirt that you would wear because it complements your authenticity.

We launched our first batch of hoodies, T-shirts, and tote bags, and in a matter of days, we started seeing people rocking them through the city. Our colleagues started asking for more items for them and their friends and friends of their friends.

And that is when it hit us.

What if we could keep on designing merch like this and use the hype to help others in need?

Why a store?

We imagined the Rebel Store as a fun way to bridge our habit of gifting our people with our collective willingness to do good and care for the people in need. For the people around us.

A win-win-win situation, where underprivileged communities receive (financial) support, where local designers have a platform to highlight their craft and where employees as well yourself get to wear clothing that looks good and does good.

It is time we stopped turning a blind eye to those who struggle in silence and strive to have kindness evolve at the same pace as technological innovation.

Or, at least, try.

Do you know someone in need of help?

Drop an email and we’ll do our best.

Drop an email and we’ll do our best to reply.